Madras Boat Club is located on the banks of Adyar River. Rowing takes place during the mornings, afternoons, and under lights on permitted days. Rowers get to use a 1000m stretch of the river between the Kotturpuram Bridge and the MRTS Bridge. However, when the water level rises due to the high tide, rowers can row 4kms down to the Broken Bridge on the beach, past the islands and the deep woods of Theosophical Society.

The Club is equipped with 50 racing shells of all categories with latest imported oars. Ergometers are available for off the water practice. Two bank tubs provide the platform for basic training.

The Club has a committed group of Lascars to care for the boats and other equipment. With their experience, they double as Coxswains, when required. They also teach the beginners in the pleasure boat and the outrigger. In addition, the Club has a dedicated Coxswain, a carpenter, and a physical trainer.

Come to Madras Boat Club. A Club with immense rowing heritage.


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